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Threads by Instagram: How is it important to your brand?

Threads by Instagram How is it important to your brand

Just a couple of days ago, Threads by Instagram was launched, another formidable weapon in Mark’s arsenal that gained more than 75 million users all over the world within 24 hours.

Threads is another text-based platform very similar to Twitter but owned by Meta. You get onboard using your Instagram account. And interestingly, you can also import your bio directly from Instagram.

So, while you share tweets on Twitter, you simply share threads on Threads. You have 100 characters to dispense your thoughts and ideas on a highly engaging platform with a beautiful interface. Cool, yeah?

Now, as a small business owner, what should this mean for you?

It’s a wise thing to follow the direction of the market and keep yourself active wherever your market is gravitating. That’s how to show that your brand truly understands the moments that matter in your customer’s journey. And if you fail to do this, you’ll stand the chance of losing your audience to the welcoming hands of your competitors. See also: How To Target Those Who Must Buy What You Sell

However, when it comes to the science of building, retaining, and growing trust, which is the hallmark of brand building, you must understand a few things:

1️⃣ Social media environments are platforms, but your brand is a person. You won’t be able to make anything out of any platform if you haven’t defined and refined it. No one identifies with a brand that has no defined and refined identity. So, you must first define your objectives, mission, core values, personality, and the unique value you’re bringing to the table.

2️⃣ Just because a new platform has started threading doesn’t mean you should suddenly discard your old platforms. Omnichannel marketing strategies are still in vogue. And one will suddenly trust you just because you have posted a handful of nice things on your new platform.

People are too smart not to do their background checks and also watch your consistency. So, while some other tips and tricks will soon start flying up and down, staying authentic, connecting with people meaningfully, and engaging actively in ongoing conversations with your audience will always be the sure-fire strategies. See also: Secrets of an Irresistible and Fail-proof Value Proposition

3️⃣ Nobody is going to jump on a new platform to start buying any course or material. People are simply going there so as not to miss out on a new social media wave, connect with their buddies on other platforms, and reinforce their bond with known faces. This understanding will help you plan your moves better.

4️⃣ People who have become too used to your content and message on older platforms can be warmed up again if you change your content style and design a completely different tactic for the new platform that still aligns with your overall brand strategy.

If you’re a personal brand, your bio must not be an exact repetition of what you used to have on other platforms. You can make your bio more flexible, friendly, and conversational, considering the landscape of the new platform and the kind of bond you want to build with your audience.

Remember, the same people you’ve been interacting with on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc., are the same people you’re going to meet at Threads. It’s just the terrain that’s different. So, the idea is to introduce a twist that makes them see you in a different style while still bearing the same identity and positioning.

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